Yoga Family

Let’s play Yoga! During the class, we learn to relax and manage emotions, to share the vitality and innocence of childhood, and play in a new way with our children. For children, yoga is also a new way to play: yoga classes, appropriately selected and combined with physical games, make the child physically strong and harmonious, helping him to overcome anxieties and fears. The practice of asanas increases muscle coordination, maintaining flexibility, good health and calming the mind. In yoga class for children and parents we will share a new “space” in which to experience together their own Infinity. It’s time to snuggle up, time to grow, to expand their limits and express their creativity, socializing, at the same time with other children and other parents, to dive a bit more consciously into the great human family, of which we are always a part. Yoga means Union: so let’s try to get out of our little kitchen garden, and begin to dance in the great forest of humanity, where adults are the parents of all the children, and the children are the children of all the parents, and in which the infinite potential for all of us is free to express the joy and innocence of his nature.