Yoga Counseling and Tantric Numerology

According to the Tantric Numerology (as taught by Yogi Bhajan and Guru Dev Singh K.), in your birth date are set few very clear information to understand your path, your limits, your divine gift, in short your strengths and your weakness. The only reason why it is useful to know the language of numbers is to know our “personal map” in order to live a more conscious, happy and successful life.

But to know through the mind is not enough: if I become aware of a trend – which we call karma – but always and inevitably I fall into the same trap of ego, I always experience the same kind of pain, or self-projection or shadow area, from which I cannot come out, so the words go to the wind: they are useless. Intelligence is not applied.

So that’s why Yoga Counseling is important: after reading of your birth date, I will suggest you a meditation or kriya from Kundalini Yoga that work specifically on the tendency of your mind, adjusting the endocrine balance and breath. Practice even a short daily meditation radically changes your resilience, confidence in yourself and in the essential goodness of life. It reduces the resistance or conflicts that do not let you experience a broader perspective, patience, openness, confidence, courage and softness. Nobody can really help you without your will and discipline…Do you really want to be a Soulstar? You have to take time for meditation, after a while it will be a normal routine, you will see! I trust you.