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from June 2017 YAAM YOGA classes starts again! Yeah!

  • Kundalini Yoga ~Tuesday 19.30-21.00 ℅ YAAM Berlin ~ Kreuzberg (YAAM Berlin An der Schillingbrücke 3 10243 Berlin)
  • Kundalini Yoga ~ Thursday 11.30/13.00 ℅ YAAM Berlin ~ Kreuzberg (YAAM Berlin An der Schillingbrücke 3 10243 Berlin)
  • (from 14th August) Mother’s Heart ~ Monday 11.15/13.15 ℅ Infinity Sunlight ~ Friedrichschein (Gubener Straße 27, 10243 Berlin) from September will be Thursday


11th may: Turbanschool Roma Party – Roma

15th may: Turbanschool Roma Party II – Roma

23th may: Turbanschool Palermo Party – Palermo

24th may: Reggae Soul Dub Kundalini Yoga – Palermo

30th may: Turbanschool Milano Party – Milano

29th march: Turbanschool & Kiphy Party! Headwraps Natural Beauy Day – Napoli

30th march: Workshop I Am Happy I Am Rich! – Napoli

31th march: Workshop Mandorli in Fiore – Yoga Bimbi e Genitori – Napoli

31 march: Workshop I Am a Creative Mom – Yoga per Mamme Creative – Napoli

2th april: Turbanschool & Casa Kundalini Party a Catania! –  Catania (Sicily)

4th april: Workshop Turbanschool & I am a Goddess I Am a Queen –  Ispica (Sicily)

8-9 april: Workshop: ROCKS Chakra! – Palermo (Sicily)


Elisabetta Har Atma Kaur

My name is Elisabetta Bagnato and I am a certified KRI Kundalini Yoga (as tought by Yogi Bhajan).

My spiritual name is Har Atma Kaur, which means the Princess∼Lioness of God whose soul is filled with kindness, prosperity and creativity, who is the divine soul of God and who walks with grace and courage throughout her life.

I have taught yoga for 10 years to adults, children with their parents (family yoga) and pregnant women, and in the last year I moved to Berlin, to carry out my project of travelling yoga, sports, writing through a blog, and to learn more possible from a beautiful and wird metropolis, as Berlin is.

Yoga is my passion, along with travels and I love to share the knowledge that life gives to me. I have taught yoga for more than 10 years to adults, children and pregnant women, and I love to teach in unconventional places, but in the same time I cannot live without wild nature, there is nothing as meditate into elements: wind, waters, sun, stars!

This year I founded the #turbanschool, a project of Women Empowerment trough the art of headwraps: turbans are our crowns!

I think that all of us are Soulstars, you can shine and share this light if you’re balanced and still.

Yoga’s purpose is to make us feel better, and it helps especially in this era when we receive many stimuli, and our nervous system cannot always be balanced to face choices, to feel comfortable and enjoy the beauty of the world, of ours lives, of being alive. Yoga makes people feel a flow of prosperity for this simple reason.

So, let’s start Yoga! Let’s start to be Soulstars!

Be a Soulstar with me



Awesome illustration by © Olimpia Zagnoli

More details


I love to teach in festivals into nature! Not only in yoga festival, often in music festival, camping and sharing with beautiful people that love to dance, art, share, be conscious about food and our beautiful planet. My experience is that people, young people, really love to have a moment during festivals for practice yoga Read more

Baby Yoga

Really a baby can meditate and participate to a yoga classes? Yes! My experience with Baby Yoga classes is ever the most beautiful experience, because babies are really sensitives to vibrations, and they can really enjoy the space of yoga, either during normal adult’s yoga classes, either during special Yoga Family classes. Just allow yourself Read more

Yoga Family

Let’s play Yoga! During the class, we learn to relax and manage emotions, to share the vitality and innocence of childhood, and play in a new way with our children. For children, yoga is also a new way to play: yoga classes, appropriately selected and combined with physical games, make the child physically strong and harmonious, helping Read more

Yoga Post Partum

Yoga Post Partum help mums to fit and stretch, with a physical and specific work for the pelvic floor, playing at the same time with their babies, massaging it, looking into his eyes during the exercises, experiencing a space of silence, chant, grace, dance, meditation. It’s amazing how babies who have done yoga in mum’s wombs during Yoga Pregnancy, have Read more

Yoga Pregnancy

Meditations, mantra, kriyas and exercises from Kundalini Yoga specially for the time of pregnancy, diet and beauty tips according to yogic tradition … and above all we will share this wonderful moment, that is for every woman the manifestation of the gift of giving Life. Kundalini Yoga improves the functioning of the body, relaxes and Read more

Yoga Amuri asd

Yoga Amuri asd (associazione dilettantisco-sportiva) is my project in Sicily, my “motherland”. The goal is help this beautiful island to meditate, organizing beautiful class and retreat in his stunning location. I’m bless with beautiful friends that help me to fulfill this goal, and a beautiful Sangat. It is my way to give back love to the Read more

Urban Yoga

I like to teach in unconventional places: parks, libraries, roads, music festivals, and also in special beautiful shops and cafés, and I love the concept of urban yoga: to use unconventional urban spaces to share this ancient practice! Yoga’s purpose is to make us feel better, and it helps especially in this era when we receive Read more

Sat Nam Rasayan

Sat Nam Rasayan is an ancient healing art, linked to the lineage of Kundalini Yoga. In a meditative space, the trustee enters into a relationship with the patients, helping them to overcome the resistances that prevent him from releasing conflicts, with which they identify, and that cause discomfort and suffering. In Sanskrit “Sat Nam Rasayan” Read more

Kundalini Yoga

PREPARES OUR BODY TO WORK IN THE BEST WAY Kundalini Yoga works on the body through kriyas, sequences of postures and movements associated with specific breathing. Through the physical practice blood circulation is stimulated, tissues and organs are purified and strengthened, the glandular system is balanced, the nervous system strengthened. One experiences a sense of Read more

Yoga Counseling and Tantric Numerology

According to the Tantric Numerology (as taught by Yogi Bhajan and Guru Dev Singh K.), in your birth date are set few very clear information to understand your path, your limits, your divine gift, in short your strengths and your weakness. The only reason why it is useful to know the language of numbers is to Read more

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